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2011 FOR IEi = BUSY!

If the first two weeks of 2011 is any inclination to what kind of year this will be, it looks like this will be a very BUSY year.

Some R&R was nice during the holidays however it is back to work with several new projects on the books as well as upcoming speaking engagements.

Below are just a few updates from the first 2 weeks of 2011:

MPIOC Speed Networking January meeting - Pretend City, Irvine CA Children's museum and interactive play center Pretend City played host to the MPIOC 3rd annual Speed Networking event.  To most, this may have seemed like an unorthodox venue for a group of corporate meeting professionals however it served as the perfect setting to stimulate the senses and a sense of adventure allowing the attendees to network with all eyes and ears wide open.

ROBB TO SPEAK AT ISES ORANGE COUNTY - JANUARY 18, 2011 - AVIA HOTEL LONG BEACH A Survival Kit for 2011: Trends in business and the business of trendsWorking in a creative industry can be exciting and fulfilling  h…

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Updates from IEi for 2011

It's a brand new year that holds new promise and a refreshed energy however it leaves no time for relaxing and kicking back.  Robb and the entire Infinity Events team is working on many new exciting projects for 2011.


A Survival Kit for 2011:  Trends in business and the business of trends Working in a creative industry can be exciting and fulfilling however without the skills to manage a fiscally efficient business, your business will be very short lived.In this session, you will walk away with a few tips on how to have your “fiscally creative cake” and eat it too.
Event Producer and owner of Infinity Events Inc, Robb Thornsberry will share his tips on how he has managed a successful full service event company with no initial capital or investors while delivering innovative and award nominated events for the past 9 years.
In this session you will walk away with the following tips: Managing your business with efficiency Negotiating with ve…