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Entertainment With An Edge!!!

What to do when you've done it all?  Need to spice up the same ole same ole?  Need to make sure your limited budget can deliver an impact? 

Below is an entertainment concept that you just don't see everyday.  What better way to ensure your event is memorable and have your guests talking about it for months to come than to give them something they've never seen before.


AeroTek is an outdoor, aerial and stilt movement spectacle. Featuring five acrobats on stilts rolling into backbends, splits, and a myriad of sculptural forms, AeroTek stretches one's perception of the human body. Strutting and dancing, suspended and flying the performers’ pincer-like metal legs slice the air as they spin and swim like fencers in a seas, barely missing each other in their fervent exploration of their metal home. Shedding layers of armor, the acrobats slowly transform from superhuman warriors to fragile nymphs balancing high above the audience, hanging precariously f…

Childhood Fantasies

Members of the Orange County chapter of Meeting Professionals International reverted back to their childhood as they relived some of their childhood fantasies at the Discovery Science Center in an effort to raise funds for their continued educational programs. Once inside, all the guests recieved a photo passport (courtesy of Four Quick Clicks) and were then escorted to the Cube Terrace where they stepped into a jungle explorerer fantasy where they enjoyed cocktails and a "hot" performance from a fire performer (Courtesy of Background Productions).

Once inside, guests were encouraged to bid the night away on a large selection of silent auction items while enjoying delicious comfort foods (courtesy of Colettes Catering). It was a circus inside, actually to be more specific, it was a Carnival of the Mind where unique Carnival like characters roamed the floor and strolling tables (courtesy of Talented Tables) showcased auction items.

After a well balanced meal of grilled cheese…