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U.S. CVB At Least 2 Years Away

An article was just published in the recent Meeting News Magazine discussing the recent law signed by Obama in March, establishing a national convention and visitors bureau dubbed the Corporation for Travel Promotion.  This act will not likely take shape for at least 2 years.

Up until now, the U.S. has never really promoted tourism on a national level for one can only assume they felt it wasn't necessary.  However many other countries are light years ahead in touting their tourism offerings such as Australian Tourism, Canadian Tourism Commission and Visit Britain just to name a few.

This is a first step in what can be a very large boost to the meetings and tourism industries in the U.S.

See article below:
April 23, 2010By Jay Boehmer

Set into law by the stroke of President Barack Obama's pen in March, the Travel Promotion Act will begin to take shape in the coming months with the establishment of a national convention and visitors bureau and the enactment of that entity's p…