Caesars set to break ground on $500 million Strip project

By MSNBC Staff Writer

Caesars Entertainment Corp. has raised the stakes in Las Vegas.

The company on Wednesday announced plans for The Linq, a $550 million retail, dining and entertainment project at the heart of the Strip. The highlight will be a giant Ferris-style observation wheel — The Las Vegas High Roller — which at 550 feet will be the tallest in the world.

Caesars Entertainment has tapped L.A. mall developer Caruso Affiliated (The Grove, Americana At Brand) to develop this massive entertainment, dining, hospitality, and retail district on the Las Vegas Strip.
Design and construction of the observation wheel — its 28 cabins will each carry up to 40 people.

Rendering of Caesars "High Roller"
The Las Vegas High Roller goes head-to-head with Skyvue Las Vegas, a competing project that broke ground in May on an 11-acre site across from Mandalay Bay at the southern end of the Strip. The brainchild of local developer Howard Bulloch, the project will include a 476-foot observation wheel, along with a roller coaster and 200,000 square feet of retail, restaurant and entertainment space.
“We expect it to be up and running in time for New Year’s 2012,” Bulloch told

Rendering of Skyvue Las Vegas

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GETTING MORE WITH LESS. Budgets May Have a "Ceiling"...Creativity Doesn't

The federal government is learning the hard way, what the event industry has already known for a few years now and that is it's time to get creative and figure out how to make do with less.

While this is not a new concept, those who are not able to grasp it often react with a "knee jerk" approach and cancel anything that is perceived to be expensive.  It is the easiest task in the world to produce greatness with unlimited funds however it takes a little ingenuity and creativity to still deliver results when the funds are not there.

Thankfully with a paper clip, dental floss and a dixie cup you can "MacGyver" your way to amazing results in event design.

Below are a few events we have produced over the past few years that have had budgets of $35,000 or less for groups of 400 or more.  This budget has had to include the following:
Decor - Linens, centerpieces, stage decor, perimeter
Audio Visual - Sound, video, projection
Technical Direction
Overall event management and logistics

ALL THIS for less than $35K

Case Study 1: Corporate Holiday Event | 400 guests

Case Study 2:  Corporate Awards Gala | 800 guests

Case Study 3:  Corporate Welcome Reception | 500 guests

Case Study 4:  Corporate Awards Gala | 600 guests 

Five Key Tips For Cost Savings Event Design:

1. Lighting, lighting and lighting:  A little bit of well placed lighting can go a long way.  L.E.D's are no longer an upgrade, they are the standard.  You may spend a few more dollars however you get 50 x's more impact.  One room set can yield 50 different looks at the touch of a button.

2. Staging:  It's often included in the F&B contract and you are only limited by inventory that is available.  Unique configurations and large scale staging and add immediate impact to your room.

3. All in the family:  Family style seating is a hot trend right now.  It adds a unique look to your dinner rather than the typical banquet round.  The plus side is that you can achieve this look utilizing standard 6' or 8' buffet tables that most venues already own.

4. Go Big or Go Home:  When you have less $, focus your budget on fewer, yet bigger design elements that will add immediate impact.  Large props or set pieces can tell the whole story.

5. Simple Tables:  Intricate design details at each table are nice when you have the $ however items such as charger plates, napkin rings, premium linens and designer chairs can all add up.  Go with monochromatic colors, no prints, illuminated centerpieces rather than florals requiring a pin spot and spandex chair covers rather than expensive chair rentals can all save you hundreds of dollars.