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What's In A Name?
After many hours, weeks and years of branding and marketing, a name can hold a great deal of value. When developed and protected, it can be powerful enough to open doors however when it is not protected, it can easily have the opposite effect and keep opportunity away.

As President and Founder of Infinity Events Inc, based in Anaheim, CA , I have worked very hard in branding our name and developing our reputation into a well established Event Design firm that is becoming synonomous with quality and reliabilty.

Despite our success and a long list of satisfied clients as well as receiving a great deal of press and positive PR, it is still possible to Google our name and with a little searching discover many negative and unkind complaints. PLEASE NOTE: THESE COMPLAINTS AND "RIP REPORTS" ARE IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH INFINITY EVENTS INC OF CALIFORNIA.

Infinity Events has seemingly become a very popular name and when Googled, will present several other comp…