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"This Event is GARBAGE"!!

When asked why...why not? What better way to be environmentally responsible and create an event with edge than to trash it up.

Event - Australian Tourism Marketplace Concept- Is it trash, is it a fashion show? It's a TRASHION SHOW During the days meetings and break out sessions, a room was devoted entirely to random recycleable items and eco friendly accessories where attendees were able to create custom made costumes and model them during the evening's dinner.
What's In A Name?
After many hours, weeks and years of branding and marketing, a name can hold a great deal of value. When developed and protected, it can be powerful enough to open doors however when it is not protected, it can easily have the opposite effect and keep opportunity away.

As President and Founder of Infinity Events Inc, based in Anaheim, CA , I have worked very hard in branding our name and developing our reputation into a well established Event Design firm that is becoming synonomous with quality and reliabilty.

Despite our success and a long list of satisfied clients as well as receiving a great deal of press and positive PR, it is still possible to Google our name and with a little searching discover many negative and unkind complaints. PLEASE NOTE: THESE COMPLAINTS AND "RIP REPORTS" ARE IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH INFINITY EVENTS INC OF CALIFORNIA.

Infinity Events has seemingly become a very popular name and when Googled, will present several other comp…

"Save Me The Money"!...A recap from BizBash LA 2009

June 11 - Robb was impressed with the standing room only attendance at such an early hour for his session on "Financial Issues for Planning Events From the Inside Out".
"I just felt the attendees were so open and responsive to any ideas they could take away with them to stay in the game during these uncertain economic times" said Robb who offered key tips in saving money and providing alternatives that are fresh yet relevant in our industry. Below are just a few highlights from that session:
Manage your fixed costs
•Control your overhead: Re-evaluate your fixed costs such as:
- DSL/Internet connection: Research cheaper providers
- Website hosting: Switching providers can save you big $
- Upgrade your equipment: Computer moving too slow. How old is your system, how old is the operating system, how much storage do you have? What is the cost of continuous repair –vs.- replacement or software upgrades?

Measuring ROI and establishing your value
- Show your management where and …

Robb's Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed for a podcast to discuss planning meetings and events during a recession. This topic is a lead in to my presentation at the upcoming BizBash LA Conference on June 11.

To listen to the podcast, download it from iTunes or click on

Biz Bash Los Angeles

Robb Thornsberry to speak at upcoming Biz Bash Expo on June 11, 2009 at the LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles.

Session Information:
8:10 - 9 a.m.
Financial Issues for Planning Events From the Inside Out
Speaker: Robb Thornsberry, President and Founder, Infinity Events

The correct financial strategies and knowledge are needed more now than ever to face the budget-related challenges of putting on events. Hear six key tips to use in running your department or business. Budgeting tips are offered for better negotiations with vendors to assure your planning process is sound. Recession strategies are introduced as a part of a final open group discussion to supply additional resources.

Infinity Events has also been nominated for a BizBash award for best overall decor under $50,000 for the Canadian Tourism Commission. Winners to be announced at the end of the Expo on June 11.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I apologize that there are no new posts at this time however please continue to check back as we are in the midst of some very exciting developments including a re-design of our new website that will showcase some of the more recent events we have produced. Some of those events will be featured here on the blog.

In the meantime, please click on our existing website to see the INFINITE meeting and event possibilities that we can offer!

Robb Thornsberry