Over 6000 middle school, high school and 
college students from 18 different countries 
traveled to Anaheim CA, along with their parents, 
friends and their robots to compete in the 
2012 Vex Robotics Competition World Championship 
at the Anaheim Convention Center on April 19 - 21. 
After the final points were tallied, the winning alliance 
from each division was comprised of teams from 
Canada, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, 
Singapore and the United States, who took home 
the coveted World Championship trophies. This event 
is a massive undertaking, led by the Robotics Education 
Competition Foundation who tapped INFINITY EVENTS 
as this year's management company.  


On the first day of competitions, confetti cannons 
showered the crowd of thousands at 7:30am just 
as the doors opened to lead the teams into miles 
of red carpet that served as a roadway to each 
of the (9) competition divisions throughout the 
400,000 square feet of exhibit Halls A&B 
as well as the Anaheim Arena. 
Also attended by countries from as far as Saudi Arabia, 
Bahrain, Brazil and Japan, this three day event is 
literally the robotics and technological equivalent 
to the Olympic games complete with a Parade of Nations 
kicked off by The USC Marching Band and exploding 
pyrotechnics as each country took the stage proudly 
carrying their nations flag.

With over 600 teams of 10, space for this competition 
was at a premium.  Every square inch of The Anaheim 
Convention Center's Halls A&B were utilized.  
During a match, teams are separated into the Red Team 
and the Blue Team.  Much like basketball but with robots, 
these teams must place colored shapes into columns 
while using defense and offense strategies. 

All pre-qualifying rounds as well as the finals all took place 
in the Anaheim Arena which was also the location for 
opening ceremonies each day and the highly anticipated 
reveal of the 2013 game for competitors eager to get a 
jump on next year's robot designs, the 2012/2013 
VEX Robotics Competition game reveal included a 
towering, four sided Kabuki drop, dramatic lighting and 
pyrotechnics on Friday night, April 20.  


The festivities reached a crescendo on Saturday as 
over 10,000 people filled the Anaheim arena to watch 
the division champion alliances work together to defeat 
their competition in the Finals. Kicking-off the Finals, 
participants were set aglow by iLuminate, the awe-inspiring 
dance-in-the-dark sensation that took audiences by 
storm last summer on the hit television series 
"America's Got Talent." The performance was led by 
Miral Kotb, iLuminate founder and software engineer 
who developed the patent-pending wireless lighting 
technology. After the conclusion of the finals, the newly 
crowned world champions in each category were 
photographed by media, coaches and families as 
pyrotechnics provided by Fireworks America filled 
the arena and a rain curtain of sparks showered 
down onto the stage.