Infinity Events Inc and BizBash Share 10 Years in Business

2001-2011: 7 Event Firms Marking Their 10th Year, and What They’ve Learned So Far

We aren’t the only ones in the event business marking our 10th anniversary this year. Here’s a look at seven other companies, and what their founders learned along the way.

By Martha C. White | Posted July 20, 2011, 8:45 AM EDT
Infinity Events 
Robb Thornsberry planned to start this Anaheim, California-based company with a partner, but when that cohort backed out, he forged ahead as a solo operator. With a D.M.C. and event production background, Thornsberry has produced events for Domino’s Pizza, Air Tahiti, Visit Britain, and Quiksilver.
Best Year: “2010 was that fork in the road. We produced the screening, red carpet arrival, entertainment prior to, and the after-party for the movie The Ultimate Wave: Tahiti 3-D. I’ve been asked to bid on other events because of that. The people I’m bidding against aren’t the small mom-and-pops anymore—it’s companies I admire and look up to. This is an echelon I never envisioned myself being a part of.”
Biggest Challenge: “I’m fully aware that the company can’t continue to grow without more involvement and interaction and participation from other people, but my concern is, I’m not going to like it anymore if I bring on staff. I’ll be more involved with payroll and benefits and keeping my staff happy, and taking away from what I really enjoy doing.”